The 15 Best Hostel Chains in Europe

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This is my guide to the best hostel chains in Europe. Europe has many very good hostel chains and the ones below are the best and most popular.

The Best Hostel Chains in Europe

Here's my comprehensive guide to the 15 best hostel chains in Europe.

1. Generator Hostels

best hostels chains in europe generator hostel dublin

Generator Hostels have a presence in various European cities, including London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Paris, Venice, Stockholm, and Copenhagen, among others. They are also located in five major cities in the US.

These are some of their flagship locations:

They often choose central locations, making it convenient for travellers to explore these cities' attractions.

  • Number of Properties: 15
  • Number of Beds: 8,100

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2. Wombats Hostels

best hostels chains in europe wombats hostel vienna

Wombat Hostels are an excellent and award-winning hostel chain with everything you could ask for including some wild partying and cold beers aplenty. Currently, there are 6 great hostels within the Wombat brand located in Berlin, Budapest, Vienna 2 Locations: Naschmarkt & The Lounge, Munich and London. The newest hostel of the chain opened in London and is continuing the high standards. A stay at any of their hostels will not disappoint you.

  • Number of Properties: 5
  • Number of Beds: 2,500

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3. Plus Hostels

best hostels chains in europe plus hostel berlin

PLUS Hostels provides independent travellers of all ages with high-quality accommodation in Florence and Prague, providing amazing facilities such as pools, saunas, restaurants, bars, fitness equipment plus much more! They have locations in Rome and Venice but these have since been closed.

  • Number of Properties: 2
  • Number of Beds: N/A

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4. MEININGER Hostels

MEININGER Vienna Downtown Sissi

MEININGER Hostels are a group of 30 Hostels all in various countries across Europe including Germany (12), Austria (4), Italy (3) and the Netherlands (2). They offer upmarket hostel accommodation with stylishly designed private and dorm rooms. Their private rooms are of a 3-star hotel standard and are suitable for couples, business travellers and families. Most of them have a large on-site restaurant and have amenities on par with a high-end 3-star hotel.

  • Number of Properties: 2
  • Number of Beds: N/A

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5. St Christopher’s Inns

hostel chains in europe st christophers inn canal paris

St Christopher's Inns are a group of hostels located in 10 cities across Europe. You will find them in London, Paris, Berlin, Bruges, Amsterdam, Prague, Edinburgh, Bath, Newquay and Barcelona. At every St Christopher's Inn, you will find a Belushi bar. These bars offer great value for money on food and drinks.

  • Number of Properties: 26
  • Number of Beds: N/A

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6. Hostel One

best hostels chains in europe hostel one ramblas barcelona

Hostel One is a chain of community-led hostels with an emphasis on making sure that guests have a great time while staying with them. Many of their hostels rank among the best in Europe. They have grown rapidly and have now seventeen locations across some of Europe's most popular cities including Barcelona 3 locations (Sants, Ramblas, & Paralelo), Seville 2 locations (Cathedral & Centro), Budapest 2 locations (Hostel One Budapest & Basilica), Prague 3 locations (Prague, Home & Namesti Muri) and one in Madrid.

  • Number of Properties: 17
  • Number of Beds: N/A

7. A&O Hostels

Best Hostel Chains in Europe a&o Hostels

While A&O Hostels are not as flashy as most of the hostel chains on this list, they offer consistently high standards over the years. They are located in 39 different cities across 6 different countries in Western and Central Europe. One of their best properties is A&O Prague Rhea in Prague. A lot of their locations are situated on the outskirts of major cities and because of this, they are normally far cheaper than city-centre hostels.

  • Number of Properties: 39
  • Number of Beds: 28,500

8. Safestay

Beautiful Dorm Room at Safestay Madrid

Safestay Hostel Group was a well-known hostel chain in Europe. Safestay Hostel Group operates a network of hostels in various European cities, providing budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation options for travellers. Safestay Hostel Group had hostels in several European cities, including London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Barcelona, Prague, Lisbon, and many others. They often choose centrally located properties to make it convenient for travellers to explore the city. I recently stayed at Safestay Madrid. This is a superb excellent hostel and definitely one of the best hostels in Madrid.

  • Number of Properties: 13
  • Number of Beds: 8,500

9. Hiphophostels (Paris)

Le Village Montmartre Dorm Room

HipHopHostels is a network of 20 independent Paris hostels and hotels, each with its own unique history, personality, and neighbourhood. They provide a sophisticated blend of comfort, superb hotel services, and conviviality, all while facilitating true human connections with other international travellers. Their most popular hostels are The Village and 3 Ducks.

  • Number of Properties: 20
  • Number of Beds: N/A

10. Oasis Backpackers (Spain & Portugal)

Oasis Backpackers Palace Outdoor Terrace

Oasis Backpackers Hostel Group has hostels in several cities on the Iberian but mainly in Spain. They have properties in Lisbon, Granada, Seville (2 locations), Toledo and others. Each hostel is typically located in a central and vibrant area of the city. Oasis Backpackers Hostel in Seville is one of the best hostels in Seville.

  • Number of Properties: 7
  • Number of Beds: N/A

11. Astor Hostels (London)

Astor Hyde Park London

Astor Hostels is a well-known hostel chain with several hostels in London, United Kingdom. These hostels are popular choices for budget travellers and backpackers seeking affordable accommodation in the heart of London.  Astor Hostels has multiple locations in London, each offering a unique atmosphere and catering to different types of travellers. Some of their well-known hostels in London include Astor Museum Inn, and Astor Hyde Park Hostel, among others.

  • Number of Properties: 5
  • Number of Beds: N/A

12. Flying Pig (Amsterdam)

Flying Pig Downtown Amsterdam

The Flying Pig Hostels are a well-known and popular hostel chain in Amsterdam and Noordwijk, the Netherlands. They are renowned for their lively and social atmospheres, making them a favourite among budget travellers and backpackers. Each has its own bar and every guest gets a welcome drink upon arrival.

Flying Pig Hostels have two hostels in Amsterdam:

  • Flying Pig Downtown: Located in the city centre, close to Amsterdam Central Station, the Red Light District, and many popular attractions.
  • Flying Pig Uptown: Situated in the Vondelpark area, offering a more relaxed atmosphere and easy access to the famous Vondelpark.

They also have a hostel in Noordwijk called Flying Pig Beach.

  • Number of Properties: 3
  • Number of Beds: N/A

13. Clink Hostels

ClinkNOORD Hostel Amsterdam
ClinkNOORD Hostel Amsterdam

Clink Hostel Group has three super-sized hostels located in Amsterdam, London and Dublin. Each hostel is strategically located in the city centre or in proximity to major attractions and transportation hubs. Their best and most popular hostel is ClinkNOORD which is one of the best hostels in Amsterdam.

  • Number of Properties: 3
  • Number of Beds: 1,500

14. Bohemian Hostels (BoHo)

best hostels chains in europe czech inn hostel prague

Bohemian Hostels or BoHo are a chain of 3 individually branded hostels, all located in Prague in the Czech Republic. Over the years BoHo has grown into a dynamic, upmarket accommodation provider in Prague, offering both independent travellers and groups a wide selection of choices from shared hostel rooms to private rooms to tastefully designed apartments.

BoHo now consists of Sir Tobys which is a traditional hostel catering to community-spirited backpackers, Czech Inn a design-led "flash-packer" hostel ideal for big groups and Sophie's Hostel with its chic design ideal for the female solo traveller or female groups. They have a hostel in Ghana, Africa called Somewhere Nice and the Miss Sophie's Hotels in the Czech Republic.

  • Number of Properties: 4 Hostels
  • Number of Beds: 750

15. Gatliff Hostel (Scotland)

Gatliff Hostels, officially known as the Gatliff Hebridean Hostels Trust, is a network of remote and basic hostels located in the beautiful and rugged landscapes of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. These hostels provide affordable accommodation options for travelers looking to explore the natural beauty and tranquillity of the Hebrides.

Gatliff Hostels are situated in various locations throughout the Outer Hebrides, including islands like North Uist, South Uist, Berneray, and Howmore. These hostels are often located in remote and scenic areas, making them ideal for nature enthusiasts, hikers, cyclists, and those seeking a peaceful getaway.

  • Number of Properties: 3
  • Number of Beds: N/A

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