The 10 Best Hostels in Lima

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Lima, the bustling capital of Peru, is a hotspot for travellers exploring South America. Its rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine make it a must-visit city. The best hostels in Lima provide affordable, comfortable, and friendly accommodations that cater to a diverse range of travellers, from solo adventurers to groups of friends looking for a memorable experience.

Hostels in Lima are more than just places to sleep. They often serve as community hubs where travellers can exchange stories, share meals, and plan joint excursions. Many hostels also offer unique activities like cooking classes, walking tours, and social evenings that help guests immerse themselves in Peruvian culture.

The variety of hostels in Lima ensures that everyone can find a place that suits their needs. Whether you're after a quiet, cosy corner for relaxation or a lively spot to meet new friends, Lima's hostels offer both and everything in between. With a range of options from beachfront retreats to urban hideaways, Lima's hostel scene is as diverse as the city itself.

Quick Introduction to Hostels in Lima

Hostels in Lima offer a budget-friendly way to explore one of South America's most exciting cities. Whether you're backpacking across the continent or just looking for a weekend getaway, Lima's hostels provide a welcoming and affordable base.

Here are some of the things you should consider before booking a hostel in Lima:

Price: Staying in a hostel in Lima is very cost-effective, especially compared to hotels. Prices vary depending on the type of room you choose, with shared dorm rooms being the most economical option. Hostels in Lima start at as little as €8 but expect to pay €12 to €20 for a dorm bed in a good hostel that has air conditioning.

Location: Lima’s hostels are strategically located across the city, from the historic centre to the trendy neighbourhoods of Miraflores and Barranco. This gives travellers easy access to major tourist attractions, beaches, and nightlife. Being centrally located, these hostels also provide great connectivity to public transport, making it simpler for guests to explore Lima and its surrounding areas.

Amenities/Services: Hostels in Lima are equipped with a range of amenities designed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Common areas like kitchens and lounges allow guests to cook meals and socialize, while free Wi-Fi, laundry services, and sometimes even computers are available for use. Additional services may include travel desks, which help guests book tours and activities, and some hostels even offer free breakfast or bike rentals.

Staff: The staff at Lima’s hostels are often one of their biggest assets. Typically multilingual, friendly, and knowledgeable about the city, they go out of their way to ensure guests have a memorable stay. From offering local travel tips to organizing social events, the staff can be invaluable in enhancing your travel experience and helping you make the most of your time in Lima.

Best Hostels in Lima - Quick Answers

Here's a summary of the best hostels in Lima organized into different categories:

The Best Hostels in Lima

Here’s my comprehensive guide to the 10 best hostels in Lima:

1. Beraja Family Hostel

Beraja Family Hostel Common Area

Beraja Family Hostel is located in the quiet neighbourhood of San Miguel in Lima, offers a homely and welcoming atmosphere, making it perfect for families and long-term travellers. It's close to local markets and parks, providing a more authentic, residential experience away from the tourist-heavy districts. The hostel’s calm vibe is ideal for those seeking a relaxing stay while still being within easy reach of the city's main attractions via public transportation.

Beraja Family Hostel Dorm Room

The rooms at Beraja Family Hostel are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Guests can choose from private rooms or shared dormitories, which are kept clean and tidy. Each room is equipped with comfortable beds and storage options, and private rooms also include personal bathrooms. The decor is simple and functional, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

A quick overview of Beraja Family Hostel

  • Family-friendly environment with a play area for children.
  • Communal kitchen facilities where guests can prepare their own meals.
  • A cosy lounge area with a library and board games.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the property to keep guests connected.
  • Secure, onsite parking is available for those with vehicles.
  • Weekly cultural activities and language exchange sessions to help guests immerse in the local culture.

Dorm beds from €15, Private rooms from €32
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2. Waikiki Hostel

Waikiki Hostel Common Area

Waikiki Hostel is situated in the bustling Miraflores district of Lima, known for its vibrant nightlife, parks, and proximity to the Pacific Ocean. This hostel appeals particularly to young travellers and backpackers looking for a fun and energetic atmosphere. It's just a short walk from popular beaches and the famous Miraflores boardwalk. The hostel's lively vibe is complemented by its colourful decor and friendly, social environment, making it a favourite spot for meeting new people.

Waikiki Hostel Dorm Room

Waikiki Hostel offers a variety of room types to suit different preferences and budgets. Guests can choose from mixed or female-only dormitories, which include comfortable bunk beds and personal lockers. For those desiring more privacy, there are private rooms available that feature double beds and en-suite facilities. Each room is bright and airy, decorated with local art, ensuring a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

A quick overview of Waikiki Hostel

  • Prime location in Miraflores close to the beach and nightlife.
  • Vibrant communal areas, including a rooftop terrace with a bar.
  • Organized social events, like pub crawls and group tours.
  • Bicycle rental available to explore Lima on two wheels.
  • Complimentary breakfast served daily to start the day right.

Dorm beds from €8, Private rooms from €32
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3. Pariwana Hostel Lima

Pariwana Hostel Lima Common Area

Located in the vibrant heart of Miraflores, Pariwana Hostel Lima offers an exciting and youthful vibe perfect for backpackers and solo travellers looking to explore Lima's urban culture. Its central location provides easy access to nightlife, shopping, and seaside attractions. The hostel is known for its colourful and energetic atmosphere, where guests can enjoy social events and a community feel. The design is modern with a playful twist, incorporating bright colours and local artwork, making it a lively hub for international and local travellers alike.

Pariwana Hostel Lima Dorm Room

Pariwana Hostel Lima features a variety of rooms to suit different traveller needs. Guests can opt for mixed or female-only dorms with comfortable beds and individual reading lights, power outlets, and under-bed lockers for security. Private rooms are also available, offering a bit more comfort and privacy. Each room is designed with vibrant colours and clean lines, reflecting the hostel's overall energetic and modern aesthetic.

A quick overview of Pariwana Hostel Lima

  • Prime location in Miraflores, close to major attractions and transport links.
  • Rooftop terrace with a bar, offering stunning views and a social atmosphere.
  • Regularly scheduled activities such as salsa nights, cooking classes, and city tours.
  • 24-hour reception and security, ensuring guest safety and convenience.
  • Complimentary breakfast served daily to fuel a day of adventures.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel, keeping guests connected with friends and family.

Dorm beds from €11, Private rooms from €50
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4. Black Llama Hostel Miraflores

Black Llama Hostel Miraflores Common Area

Black Llama Hostel Miraflores is situated in the dynamic Miraflores district of Lima, blends a modern urban style with a cosy, laid-back atmosphere. This hostel is ideal for travellers who want both a peaceful retreat and a connection to the city's lively cultural scene. Just steps away from trendy cafes, parks, and the Miraflores boardwalk, it offers a strategic base for exploring Lima. The hostel's design features contemporary decor with Peruvian influences, creating a welcoming space for guests from around the world.

Black Llama Hostel Miraflores Dorm Room

Black Llama Hostel provides a range of accommodation options, including both private rooms and mixed dormitories. The rooms are outfitted with comfortable beds, clean linens, and secure storage facilities. Dorm rooms have personal reading lights and charging stations, while private rooms offer additional amenities like en-suite bathrooms. The interior is tastefully decorated with minimalist furniture and local art, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing stay.

A quick overview of Black Llama Hostel Miraflores

  • Located in the heart of Miraflores, close to main attractions and nightlife.
  • Outdoor terrace for guests to relax and enjoy the city’s vibe.
  • Daily social events to encourage guest interaction and fun.
  • On-site café serving local coffee and snacks.
  • Friendly, multilingual staff ready to assist with travel needs and recommendations.

Dorm beds from €11, Private rooms from €44
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5. Rainbow Hostel

Rainbow Hostel Pool

Rainbow Hostel is located in the Barranco district renowned for its artistic soul and bohemian spirit. This hostel offers a vibrant and colourful environment, making it a magnet for creative types and young backpackers. It is perfectly situated near street art displays, eclectic bars, and live music venues, encapsulating the cultural richness of Lima. With its cheerful decor and friendly atmosphere, Rainbow Hostel is designed to be a fun, inspiring place for guests to connect and create unforgettable memories.

Rainbow Hostel Dorm Room

Rainbow Hostel offers an array of room options, from lively mixed dorms to quieter private rooms. Each dormitory features comfortable bunk beds, personal lockers, and shared bathroom facilities, catering well to backpackers and groups. Private rooms provide a tranquil escape with more space and sometimes include private bathrooms. The decor across all rooms is bright and playful, echoing the hostel’s overall artistic theme, and providing a cheerful backdrop to every traveller's stay.

A quick overview of Rainbow Hostel

  • Prime location in the heart of Barranco, close to cultural attractions.
  • Vibrant common areas that encourage social interaction and community building.
  • Organized events such as art crawls, music nights, and local tours.
  • Outdoor terrace with seating, perfect for relaxing or socializing.
  • 24-hour front desk service to assist guests at any time.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout the hostel.

Dorm beds from €8, Private rooms from €31
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6. Great Partners Hostel

Great Partners Hostel Outdoor Seating

Great Partners Hostel is located in the historic district of Lima, offering a peaceful retreat with a charming, traditional vibe. It's located near several of Lima’s key cultural attractions, including museums and historic sites, making it ideal for travellers keen on exploring the city’s heritage. The hostel's environment is warm and inviting, with an emphasis on comfort and creating a community feel among guests, which is perfect for those who enjoy a quieter, more reflective hostel experience.

Great Partners Hostel Dorm Room

Great Partners Hostel provides a range of room options, from spacious dormitories to private rooms. Dorm rooms come equipped with sturdy, comfortable bunk beds and individual storage lockers. Private rooms include double beds and some feature views of the surrounding historic area. The decor throughout the hostel is inspired by local art and history, offering a unique and culturally rich atmosphere in every room.

A quick overview of Great Partners Hostel

  • Located in the heart of Lima’s historic district, perfect for cultural exploration.
  • A beautiful courtyard where guests can relax and socialize.
  • Cultural events hosted weekly, including music nights and local cuisine tastings.
  • Community kitchen available for guests to cook their own meals.
  • Knowledgeable staff ready to help with travel arrangements and recommendations.

Dorm beds from €8, Private rooms from €27
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7. KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel

Kaclla The Healing Dog Hostel Common Area

KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel is tucked away in the vibrant Miraflores district of Lima, offers a unique and tranquil haven for travellers. It combines the comforts of home with a touch of spiritual wellness, centered around the therapeutic presence of a friendly resident dog. The hostel’s serene atmosphere is complemented by its proximity to local attractions, cafes, and the coastline, making it a perfect spot for those seeking both relaxation and adventure in the city.

Kaclla The Healing Dog Hostel Dorm Room

The rooms at KACLLA are thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort and tranquillity. Guests can choose from private rooms or small dormitories, each featuring soft bedding, storage space, and soothing decor. Private rooms include amenities like en-suite bathrooms, while dorms offer personal reading lights and charging stations at each bed. The overall ambience reflects the hostel’s focus on healing and relaxation, providing a peaceful retreat after a day of exploring Lima.

A quick overview of KACLLA

  • In-house therapy dog to provide companionship and comfort to guests.
  • Daily yoga sessions and meditation workshops to promote well-being.
  • A herb garden where guests can learn about and use healing plants.
  • Communal kitchen stocked with organic and local ingredients.
  • A library filled with books on wellness and spirituality.
  • Regularly organized community dinners and cultural exchange nights.

Dorm beds from €13, Private rooms from €29
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8. Viajero Kokopelli Lima - Barranco

Viajero Kokopelli Lima Barranco Bar

Viajero Kokopelli Lima - Barranco is located in the eclectic Barranco district, is the go-to hostel for those who thrive in creative and vibrant environments. This hostel sits in the cultural heart of Lima, surrounded by art galleries, lively music venues, and colourful street murals, reflecting the artistic spirit of the area. Its lively atmosphere is enhanced by modern, quirky decor and open, social spaces that attract a youthful, adventurous crowd.

Viajero Kokopelli Lima Barranco Dorm Room

The rooms at Viajero Kokopelli Lima are tailored for comfort and convenience, suitable for a range of travellers. Guests can choose from dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds, ideal for making new friends, or opt for private rooms for a more secluded stay. Each room features bright, funky designs and comes equipped with secure lockers, personal reading lights, and ample charging points. The space is optimized for rest and relaxation, ensuring a pleasant stay amidst the hustle of Barranco.

A quick overview of Viajero Kokopelli Lima 

  • Rooftop terrace offering spectacular views of the district and a perfect spot for social gatherings.
  • On-site bar and restaurant serving local and international cuisine, turning meals into a social event.
  • Themed party nights and live DJ sessions that showcase local music and dance.
  • Pool table and game area for guests to unwind and enjoy some leisure time.
  • Travel desk with knowledgeable staff to help plan and book city tours and excursions.

Dorm beds from €15, Private rooms from €60
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9. Selina Miraflores Lima

Selina Miraflores Lima Bar

Selina Miraflores Lima is a trendy and stylish hostel located in the heart of Miraflores, one of Lima’s most fashionable districts. This hostel is a favourite among digital nomads, young professionals, and creative travellers, combining urban chic with a laid-back, community-focused vibe. Situated close to popular cafes, shops, and the beachfront, it offers a perfect mix of city life and leisure, ideal for those looking to explore Lima in style.

Selina Miraflores Lima Dorm Room

The rooms at Selina Miraflores Lima cater to a range of preferences and budgets, from luxurious private rooms and suites to comfortable shared dormitories. Each space is thoughtfully designed with modern decor and artistic touches that reflect the vibrant local culture. Dorms are equipped with personal lockers, power outlets, and high-quality bedding, while private rooms offer added amenities like mini-fridges and work desks. The overall ambience is sophisticated yet comfortable, providing a seamless blend of style and functionality.

A quick overview of Selina Miraflores Lima

  • Coworking space equipped with high-speed internet and comfortable working areas, perfect for digital nomads.
  • Cinema room for movie nights, offering a great way to relax and socialize.
  • Wellness area that includes a yoga studio and meditation classes to promote health and mindfulness.
  • Vibrant on-site bar and restaurant that serves both local and international cuisine, turning dining into a social event.
  • Artistic workshops and live music events, encouraging a creative and engaging community atmosphere.
  • Pet-friendly policies, welcoming those who travel with their furry friends.

Dorm beds from €8, Private rooms from €47
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10. 1900 Backpackers Hostel

1900 Backpackers Hostel Common Area

1900 Backpackers Hostel is situated in the vibrant Barranco district, offers a historic charm blended with modern amenities, making it an ideal choice for travellers looking for a blend of old and new. Housed in a beautifully restored building, this hostel provides a cozy, friendly atmosphere amidst the artistic and bohemian streets of Lima. It is close to local cafes, bars, and galleries, placing guests right in the heart of cultural activities and nightlife.

1900 Backpackers Hostel Dorm Room

Rooms at 1900 Backpackers Hostel are designed with the traveller in mind, featuring options from private rooms to shared dormitories. Each room maintains the historic character of the building with modern touches for comfort. Dorms are equipped with sturdy bunk beds, personal lockers, and shared bathroom facilities, while private rooms offer extra privacy and comfort. The decor is a mix of vintage and contemporary styles, providing a unique and inviting environment for guests.

A quick overview of 1900 Backpackers Hostel

  • A spacious common room adorned with vintage decor, creating a perfect setting to relax or socialize.
  • Free daily activities, including walking tours and language exchange sessions, which help guests connect and learn more about Lima.
  • An on-site bar offering a selection of local and international drinks, ideal for evening unwind.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel to keep guests connected with family and friends.
  • A fully equipped kitchen available to all guests, allowing for self-catering and culinary exploration.
  • 24-hour reception with a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist with any needs or travel tips.

Dorm beds from €8, Private rooms from €19
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Final Thoughts on the Best Hostels in Lima

The best hostels in Lima provide more than just a place to sleep; they offer gateways to the rich culture and bustling activity of Peru's capital. For travellers looking to dive into the historical richness, culinary delights, and lively social scene of Lima, these hostels serve as perfect bases. Affordable and welcoming, they cater to a diverse audience, from backpackers to budget travellers, ensuring everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Staying at one of the best hostels in Lima allows visitors to maximize their travel budget without sacrificing comfort or location. With options across key districts like Miraflores and Barranco, travellers can choose accommodations that align closely with their itinerary. Hostels often feature communal spaces that promote interaction and cultural exchange among guests, enriching the travel experience.

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