The 10 Best Hostels in Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo is a city that thrives on diversity and energy, making it a prime destination for travellers from all over the world. To truly immerse yourself in this vibrant urban landscape, staying at one of the best hostels in Sao Paulo can offer you both comfort and a chance to meet like-minded adventurers. These hostels provide affordable, social accommodations that cater to the needs of modern travellers looking to explore everything the city has to offer.

The hostel scene in Sao Paulo reflects the city's dynamic spirit. Located in various neighbourhoods, each hostel brings something unique to the table from cultural activities and local tours to comfortable lounges where guests can relax and interact. These establishments are designed to enhance your travel experience by offering a mix of traditional Brazilian hospitality and contemporary amenities.

Quick Introduction to Hostels in Sao Paulo

The overall standard of hostels in Sao Paulo is very good and the excellent hostel chain: Selina has two locations in Sao Paulo.

Hostels in Sao Paulo offer an affordable and social way to experience one of Brazil's most bustling cities. Catering to backpackers, solo travellers, and groups, these hostels combine the comfort of communal living with the excitement of urban exploration. They provide not just a place to sleep, but a vibrant, friendly environment where guests from all corners of the globe can connect.

Here are some of the things you should consider before booking a hostel in Sao Paulo:

Price: Staying at a hostel in Sao Paulo is a budget-friendly option, ideal for travellers looking to stretch their dollars. Hostels in Sao Paulo start at as little as €6 but expect to pay €15 to €25 for a dorm bed in a good hostel that has air conditioning.

Location: The hostels in Sao Paulo are strategically located across various districts, each offering a unique glimpse into the city's diverse culture. Whether you want to be in the heart of the bustling city centre, close to the vibrant nightlife of Vila Madalena, or near the tranquil parks of Jardins, there’s a hostel perfectly placed for your preferences and itinerary.

Amenities/Services: These hostels are well-equipped with a range of amenities designed to enhance your stay. Common offerings include communal kitchens, lounges, and often bars or cafes where guests can mingle. Many hostels also provide services like laundry, guided tours, and events like cooking classes or local outings, which are great for getting to know the city and your fellow travellers.

Staff: The staff at Sao Paulo's hostels are usually well-versed in both Portuguese and English, making communication easy. They are typically eager to help, offering tips on the best spots to visit, eat, and enjoy the nightlife. The welcoming nature of hostel staff can significantly enhance your stay, providing support and local insights that are invaluable for any traveller.

Best Hostels in Sao Paulo - Quick Answers

Here's a summary of the best hostels in Sao Paulo organized into different categories:

The Best Hostels in Sao Paulo

Here’s my comprehensive guide to the 10 best hostels in Sao Paulo:

1. O de Casa Hostel Bar

O de Casa Hostel Bar Common Area

Located in the trendy Vila Madalena neighbourhood of Sao Paulo, O de Casa Hostel Bar offers a vibrant and social atmosphere, making it a popular choice for travellers looking to experience the city's cultural pulse. The hostel is steps away from a wealth of street art, galleries, bars, and cafes. With its colourful décor and friendly vibe, O de Casa is more than just a place to stay—it's a place to make friends, enjoy lively evenings, and soak up Sao Paulo's artistic energy.

O de Casa Hostel Bar Dorm Room

O de Casa Hostel Bar features a variety of room options to cater to different preferences and budgets. Guests can choose from shared dormitories with comfortable bunk beds and private lockers, or private rooms for those seeking more solitude. Each room is clean, well-maintained, and decorated in a bright, cheerful style to enhance the fun and welcoming atmosphere of the hostel.

A quick overview of O de Casa Hostel Bar

  • Spacious communal lounge perfect for socializing and relaxing.
  • On-site bar offering a selection of local beers and cocktails, creating a fun social scene right in the hostel.
  • Outdoor terrace where guests can unwind and mingle with fellow travellers.
  • Daily activities and tours organised by the hostel to help guests explore Sao Paulo's best spots.

Dorm beds from €14, Private rooms from €34
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2. Brazilodge All Suites Hostel

Brazilodge All Suites Hostel Reception

Brazilodge All Suites Hostel is located in the vibrant heart of Sao Paulo, just a stone's throw from the bustling Paulista Avenue. This hostel offers a unique blend of comfort and modern style, appealing to both young travellers and families looking for an upscale hostel experience. The atmosphere is welcoming and polished, with a focus on providing a luxurious yet affordable stay in one of the city's most sought-after districts.

Brazilodge All Suites Hostel Dorm Room

The rooms at Brazilodge are exceptionally well-appointed for a hostel, offering private suites that rival hotel rooms in comfort. Each suite is equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and comfortable bedding. The design is modern and functional, ensuring a restful stay.

A quick overview of Brazilodge All Suites Hostel

  • Private balconies in select suites, offering views of the surrounding area.
  • A spacious communal lounge with a flat-screen TV and comfortable seating.
  • A modern, fully-equipped kitchen available for guest use.
  • Complimentary breakfast with a variety of options to suit all tastes.
  • On-site fitness centre to help guests keep up with their exercise routine.

Dorm beds from €20, Private rooms from €41
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3. Garoa Hostel

Garoa Hostel Common Area

Garoa Hostel is strategically located in the vibrant Pinheiros neighbourhood of Sao Paulo, known for its eclectic mix of traditional Brazilian culture and contemporary lifestyle. This hostel offers a laid-back, friendly environment that attracts a diverse group of travellers eager to explore the city's rich history and bustling nightlife. The interior is cosy and adorned with local art, providing a warm, welcoming ambience that makes guests feel right at home.

Garoa Hostel Dorm Room

Garoa Hostel provides a variety of room options, from shared dormitories to private rooms, catering to different preferences and budgets. The rooms are airy and bright, equipped with comfortable beds and personal lockers for security. The decor is simple yet functional, ensuring a pleasant stay for all guests.

A quick overview of Garoa Hostel

  • A charming backyard garden where guests can relax and socialize.
  • A communal kitchen stocked with all necessary utensils for cooking.
  • A communal living area with a TV and a selection of books and games.
  • Bicycle rental services to help guests explore the city with ease.
  • Regularly organized social events that foster interaction among guests.

Dorm beds from €17, Private rooms from €45
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4. Vila Rock Hostel

Vila Rock Hostel Common Room

Vila Rock Hostel is situated in the lively neighbourhood of Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo, known for its bustling arts scene and vibrant nightlife. This hostel captures the energetic spirit of its surroundings with rock-themed decor and a lively social atmosphere, making it a favourite among young travellers and music enthusiasts. Its location also provides easy access to local bars, clubs, and street art tours, offering a complete cultural immersion.

Vila Rock Hostel Dorm Room

The rooms at Vila Rock Hostel are designed with comfort and style in mind, featuring rock-n-roll-inspired artwork and furnishings. Guests can choose from mixed or single-sex dormitories, or opt for private rooms. Each room is equipped with secure lockers, comfortable beds, and clean linens, ensuring a restful night's sleep amidst the hostel's dynamic environment.

A quick overview of Vila Rock Hostel

  • Themed nights and live music events that showcase local talents and create a fun atmosphere.
  • A bar and lounge area where guests can enjoy drinks and meet other travellers.
  • An outdoor terrace for relaxing or socializing with a view.
  • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hostel to keep guests connected.
  • A communal kitchen for guests who prefer to prepare their own meals.
  • A 24-hour reception with staff ready to help with any travel needs or questions about the area.

Dorm beds from €13, Private rooms from €33
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5. Viva Hostel Design

Viva Hostel Design Common Area

Viva Hostel Design is nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, celebrated for its artistic streets and lively social scene. This hostel combines modern design with functional aesthetics to create a stylish, contemporary atmosphere. It's an ideal spot for travellers who appreciate a blend of art, culture, and design. Its location allows easy access to Sao Paulo’s best galleries, bars, and restaurants, making it a hub for creative and culturally curious visitors.

Viva Hostel Design Dorm Room

The rooms at Viva Hostel Design are sleek and modern, offering a variety of accommodations to suit any traveller's needs. From private rooms to mixed and female-only dormitories, each space is thoughtfully designed with comfort and style in mind. The rooms are equipped with comfortable bedding, secure storage options, and vibrant decor that reflects the hostel's creative ethos.

A quick overview of Viva Hostel Design

  • A spacious, designer lounge area for guests to relax or work in.
  • A communal kitchen that is well-equipped for preparing meals.
  • A game room with a selection of board games and books.
  • Organized events and workshops that connect guests with local culture.
  • A friendly, multilingual staff who are knowledgeable about the city and eager to help guests make the most of their stay.

Dorm beds from €14, Private rooms from €36
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6. Selina Madalena Sao Paulo

Selina Madalena Sao Paulo Common Area

Selina Madalena Sao Paulo is ideally situated in the heart of Vila Madalena, known for its bohemian flair and vibrant street art. This hostel offers a chic, urban retreat with a design that reflects the artistic spirit of the area. It's perfect for travellers who seek a blend of comfort and local culture, surrounded by trendy cafes, galleries, and lively music venues. The ambience is warm and inviting, making it a popular choice for both international travellers and creative locals.

Selina Madalena Sao Paulo Dorm Room

The rooms at Selina Madalena are stylishly furnished, emphasizing comfort and aesthetic appeal. Guests can choose from a range of options, including community rooms, private suites, and micro rooms. Each is well-equipped with soft bedding, modern decor, and ample space to relax or work. The environment is designed to cater to digital nomads, couples, and solo explorers alike, providing a peaceful haven amidst the bustling city.

A quick overview of Selina Madalena Sao Paulo

  • A rooftop pool and bar offering spectacular views of the cityscape.
  • On-site restaurant and cafe serving local and international cuisine.
  • Co-working spaces equipped with high-speed internet.
  • Regularly scheduled wellness activities, including yoga and meditation classes.
  • An art cinema room for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Pet-friendly accommodations, welcoming travellers with their furry friends.

Dorm beds from €19, Private rooms from €41
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7. Mada Hostel

Mada Hostel Exterior

Mada Hostel is located in the bustling neighbourhood of Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, an area known for its eclectic mix of cultural attractions and vibrant nightlife. This hostel offers a cosy, home-like atmosphere, making it a great choice for travellers seeking a blend of comfort and convenience. Mada Hostel is perfect for those who want to dive into the local scene, with easy access to various restaurants, bars, and public transport.

Mada Hostel Dorm Room

The rooms at Mada Hostel are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Guests can choose from private rooms or shared dormitories, all featuring comfortable beds, clean linens, and personal storage spaces. The decor is minimalistic, emphasizing cleanliness and space efficiency, creating a restful environment for all guests.

A quick overview of Mada Hostel

  • A welcoming common area that fosters a sense of community among travellers.
  • A peaceful garden space for relaxation or casual gatherings.
  • A kitchen available for guests to prepare their own meals.
  • Bicycle rental services to explore the neighbourhood at your own pace.
  • Helpful staff that provide insightful local tips and assist with tour bookings.

Dorm beds from €11, Private rooms from €25
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8. Selina Aurora SP

Selina Aurora SP Common Area

Selina Aurora SP is situated in the vibrant downtown area of Sao Paulo, placing guests at the heart of the city's cultural and business districts. The hostel boasts a modern, urban vibe, appealing to young professionals and travellers alike who are looking to engage with the city's dynamic environment. The design is contemporary and artsy, featuring local artwork and stylish furnishings that reflect the youthful spirit of Sao Paulo.

Selina Aurora SP Dorm Room

The rooms at Selina Aurora SP range from community dorms to private suites, catering to a variety of preferences and budgets. Each room is equipped with comfortable beds, chic decor, and functional workspaces. The layout prioritizes both privacy and social interaction, making it ideal for digital nomads, solo travellers, and groups.

A quick overview of Selina Aurora SP

  • A rooftop terrace that offers stunning views of the city skyline.
  • An on-site restaurant and bar serving delicious local and international dishes.
  • A co-working office is available, perfect for digital nomads.
  • Cinema room for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Regularly scheduled social events that help guests connect and have fun.
  • Yoga and wellness activities to promote health and relaxation during your stay.

Dorm beds from €17, Private rooms from €57
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9. Jardins Village Hostel - Unidade Brigadeiro

Jardins Village Hostel Unidade Brigadeiro Common Area

Jardins Village Hostel is perfectly positioned in the upscale Jardins neighbourhood of Sao Paulo, known for its elegant boutiques, fine dining, and vibrant cultural scene. This hostel offers a serene and sophisticated atmosphere, appealing to guests who appreciate a quieter, more refined hostel experience. The décor is modern and understated, providing a relaxing environment that reflects the chic character of the surrounding area.

Jardins Village Hostel Unidade Brigadeiro Dorm Room

The hostel features a range of room types, including private rooms and smaller dormitories for a more intimate feel. Each room is equipped with comfortable beds, personal storage, and modern furnishings, all maintained to a high standard of cleanliness.

A quick overview of Jardins Village Hostel

  • A tranquil garden area, ideal for unwinding after a day of exploring.
  • A fully equipped communal kitchen for guests to prepare meals.
  • A cosy lounge area with books and games for guest entertainment.
  • Bicycle rental available, making it easy to explore the neighborhood.
  • Regularly scheduled cultural events that introduce guests to local traditions and cuisine. 

Dorm beds from €15, Private rooms from €35
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10. Red Monkey Hostel Barra Funda

Red Monkey Hostel Barra Funda Common Area

Red Monkey Hostel is located in the up-and-coming Barra Funda district of Sao Paulo, known for its artistic community and burgeoning nightlife. This hostel offers a laid-back, friendly atmosphere that attracts a mix of young travellers and local artists. The environment is casual and artsy, with vibrant murals and eclectic decor that inspire creativity and conversation among guests. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to explore less touristy, more authentic parts of the city.

Red Monkey Hostel Barra Funda Dorm Room

The rooms at Red Monkey Hostel are simple yet comfortable, designed to cater to the needs of modern travellers. Guests can choose from dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds or private rooms for added privacy. Each room includes secure storage, soft lighting, and clean, functional furniture, providing a cosy retreat after a day of city exploration.

A quick overview of Red Monkey Hostel

  • A lively on-site bar where guests can enjoy local drinks and live music.
  • A communal kitchen with facilities for guests to cook their own meals.
  • A relaxing garden area perfect for unwinding or socializing.
  • A games room with board games and a pool table for entertainment.
  • Laundry facilities are available to all guests for convenience.

Dorm beds from €10, Private rooms from €30
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Final Thoughts on the Best Hostels in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a city that never sleeps, offering an array of experiences from its rich cultural scene to its electric nightlife. For travellers eager to dive into this vibrant atmosphere without breaking the bank, the best hostels in Sao Paulo provide more than just a place to stay. They are gateways to the local culture, featuring lively common areas, community-driven activities, and invaluable travel networks that encourage an immersive Brazilian experience.

Hostels in Sao Paulo excel in making every stay memorable by offering tailored experiences suited for a diverse clientele. Whether you're looking for a quiet retreat or a party-centric atmosphere, there's a hostel that matches your needs. With locations spread across the city, from the artistic corridors of Vila Madalena to the bustling streets of the city centre, each hostel offers a unique perspective on Sao Paulo life.

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