8 Cheap Hostels in London

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My guide to cheap hostels in London will assist you find a hostel that best suits your needs during your stay in London.

London is one of Europe’s most expensive cities and a tourism hot spot. So, there are tons of exciting things to see, do and eat. From entertainment, shopping, dining, and nightlife, it’s a long list. Of course, you can explore all, but it’ll be challenging if you’re on a tight budget.

Cheap Hostels in London

Here’s my comprehensive guide to 8 cheap hostels in London:

1. Rest Up London

Rest Up London

If you want to stay in a heritage, yet budget-friendly property, then it’s the Rest Up London. It is located in the heart of Central London.

It's been there for almost a century and welcomes both solitary visitors and backpackers. It is, in fact, one of the top cheap hostels in London. But why is this so? It's because of the large common space, the peaceful atmosphere, and the free Wi-Fi.

The biggest tourist attractions are also within walking distance. Don't forget to order some delectable meals. Fries, pizza, pasta, and other dishes are available. So go ahead and grab your favourite item and dig in!

Dorms from €10.45, Privates from 60.00

2. Phoenix Hostel

Phoenix Hostel London

The next up on my guide of cheap hostels in London is the Phoenix Hostel. It is well-known for its handy placement in the middle of this dynamic metropolis.

But this affordable hostel has something special to offer. It's the lounge and bar, which is a great place to meet new people. In addition, they have pleased guests with exceptional hospitality services.

As a result, they've received high marks from visitors all over the world. If you appreciate shopping, Phoenix Hostel should be your first choice. It is close to Oxford Street, London's shopper's paradise. You can enjoy a relaxing stay in their spacious rooms, which include free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Dorms from €11.00, Privates from €38.00

3. Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage London

The next Cheap Hostel in London is the Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage. It's an excellent pick for an affordable London visit.

The Victorian-style architecture of the building will appeal to you. You can also listen to live music in the pub while sipping your favourite drink.

There are numerous indoor gaming possibilities. You can even schedule BBQ parties on the outdoor patio to spice up your stay.

Popular sights are within walking distance. Furthermore, Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage has received numerous great evaluations.

Dorms from €12.00, Privates from €39.00

4. St Christopher's Greenwich

St Christophers Greenwich London

If you want a comfortable stay in London where you can find attentive and cordial staff, it’s the St Christopher’s Greenwich Hostel.

It’s one of the best cheap hostels in London for a young and vibrant crowd and excellent vibes. The in-house bar and nightclub are some of the major draws for people to book this hotel and stay.

This location is close to the southern section of London, which has a plethora of tourist attractions. Among the must-sees are the Queen's House, Greenwich Park, and others. But, after you've finished your day's activities, don't forget to party at the Belushi hostel's in-house bar.

Dorms from €14.00, Privates from €109.00

5. Via Limehouse

Via Limehouse London

The next name for the best and cheapest hostels in London that comes to our mind is the Via Limehouse. These are its location, nearby attractions, accessibility, and comfort. Indeed, it had exceeded travellers' expectations and gotten fantastic reviews.

It is located in the city's east end, and the subterranean Limehouse DLR station is a short walk away. A morning or evening stroll around Canary Wharf's commercial quarter is an unmissable experience!

The hostel is in a lively neighbourhood with plenty of shopping and food options! Finally, you can order food 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is a large TV and free Wi-Fi for enjoyment.

Dorms from €14.00, Privates from €109.00

6. PubLove @ The Steam Engine, Waterloo

PubLove The Steam Engine Waterloo London

If you’re a backpacker and searching for cheap hostels in London, you’ll then fall in love with PubLove, The Steam Engine, Waterloo.

Of course, it's a popular social gathering spot in the city. It is a soulful town, full of youthful and dynamic people.

In the British Pub, you can talk and drink as much as you like. It's on for a full 24 hours of entertainment and fun! There is also free Wi-Fi.

Dorms from €15.00

7. New Cross Inn Hostel

New Cross Inn Hostel London

Next up is the New Cross Inn Hostel on the guide to cheap hostels in London. It is well-known for its convenient location, easy access, and comfortable rooms.

Indeed, if you're visiting family, you may want to stay here. It will fit into your budget. They have a variety of welcoming and roomy rooms.

So, pick the one that best suits your demands and have a pleasant stay. Because a continental breakfast is included in the price, you will save money on breakfast every morning.

Dorms from €16.00, Privates from €59.00

8. Venture Hostel

Venture Hostel London

The last budget hostel on our recommended list is the Venture Hostel. Despite the fact that it is a new property, it has quickly gained popularity.

It's because of the lively location and the surrounding region. Nearby, you'll find bustling street markets and the ancient Goldsmiths University.

If you're staying in one of these Cheap Hostels in London, don't miss out on the famous musical performances. It's also another must-see in this culturally diverse city.

Dorms from €16.00

Final Thoughts on Cheap Hostels in London

You can explore this culturally rich buzzing city by walking around on your own. Thus, it’s essential to check the accessibility of your accommodation. If you stay in any of these cheap hostels in London, you can easily enjoy the city’s beauty hassle-free.

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