10 Cheap Hostels in Berlin

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Want to make the most of your Berlin trip but have to watch your budget? If you want to save on the accommodation and spend on the fun, then take a look at my guide to cheap hostels in Berlin!

All the hostels in this guide offer either mixed, male or female dorm rooms. These are always the cheapest options. And of course, you’ll get the chance to meet fellow travelers and pick up tips on what to see and do.

Hostels often offer other ways to save money, such as communal kitchen facilities where you can cook your own meals and some hostels also offer very cheap meal options.

All the hostels in my guide below have free WiFi included and all offer a bed in a dorm room for between €15 and €22 per night. The prices mentioned below are for the cheapest beds in a dorm room for mid-week days in March 2024.

Here’s my comprehensive guide to cheap hostels in Berlin.

1. Heart of Gold Hostel

Heart of Gold Hostel

The Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin, nestled in the city's heart, is famed for its Douglas Adams-inspired décor, creating a unique sci-fi ambience.

It's an ideal spot for travellers seeking a blend of comfort, culture, and connectivity, offering a range of amenities including a bar, communal lounge, and free Wi-Fi, embodying a perfect fusion of convenience and quirkiness.

This centrally located hostel is a stone's throw from major attractions, making exploration easy and accessible.

Dorm rooms at Heart of Gold are spacious and clean, providing lockers, comfortable beds, and a sociable atmosphere for guests.

Dorm beds from €15

2. a&o Berlin Kolumbus

a&o Berlin Kolumbus

The a&o Berlin Kolumbus, situated in a tranquil part of Berlin, offers a modern and affordable stay for travelers.

Its vibe is welcoming, combining efficient amenities like free Wi-Fi, a bar, and a games room, catering to both leisure and business visitors.

Its location provides a peaceful retreat yet remains conveniently connected to Berlin's vibrant centre through public transport, making it an ideal base for exploring the city.

Dorm rooms are clean, functional, and budget-friendly, featuring secure lockers, comfortable bunk beds, and a communal feel for an enjoyable stay.

Dorm beds from €19

3. a&o Berlin Mitte

a&o Berlin Mitte

The a&o Berlin Mitte is perfectly poised in Berlin's bustling heart, offering an energetic and youthful vibe.

It's a hotspot for travellers keen on immersing themselves in urban culture, with amenities like a vibrant bar, communal kitchen, and lounge areas.

This hostel's prime location makes it a gateway to exploring Berlin's rich history and contemporary art scene, providing a dynamic yet affordable lodging experience.

Dorm rooms at a&o Berlin Mitte boast a clean, minimalist design, with comfortable beds, personal lockers, and a friendly, communal atmosphere.

Dorm beds from €21

4. Kiez Hostel Berlin

Kiez Hostel Berlin

Kiez Hostel Berlin, nestled in the vibrant Friedrichshain district, is a sanctuary for culture enthusiasts and party-goers alike.

It exudes a laid-back, artistic vibe, with features like a cosy café, outdoor terrace, and communal lounge areas, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and social interaction.

Its proximity to Berlin's eclectic bars, clubs, and street art scenes offers guests an authentic local experience, while also providing a peaceful haven to retreat to.

The dorm rooms are thoughtfully designed for comfort and privacy, featuring sturdy bunk beds, individual reading lights, and ample storage space, ensuring a restful and secure stay.

Dorm beds from €21

5. a&o Berlin Friedrichshain

a&o Berlin Friedrichshain

a&o Berlin Friedrichshain, located in the heart of the trendy Friedrichshain district, radiates a lively, youthful atmosphere.

This hostel is perfect for those looking to dive into Berlin's dynamic cultural scene, offering amenities like a spacious lounge, outdoor terrace, and on-site bar, catering to a vibrant community of travellers.

It stands as an ideal spot for guests eager to explore the city's renowned nightlife, street art, and cafes, providing a mix of urban adventure and comfortable accommodation.

Dorm rooms here are designed with a focus on functionality and comfort, featuring bright, airy spaces, secure lockers, and cosy beds, creating a welcoming environment for rest and social interaction.

Dorm beds from €21

6. St Christopher's Berlin Mitte

St Christopher's Berlin Mitte

St Christopher's Berlin Mitte offers a prime central location with a vibrant, social vibe, attracting a diverse crowd of travellers.

It features a popular on-site bar, restaurant, and chill-out areas, making it a hub of activity and connection.

This hostel is steps away from Berlin's historic landmarks and bustling nightlife, providing a perfect mix of exploration and entertainment opportunities for its guests.

The dorm rooms are modern, secure, and thoughtfully designed, with comfortable beds, privacy curtains, and ample storage, ensuring a pleasant and restful stay.

Dorm beds from €21

7. St Christopher's Berlin Alexanderplatz

St Christopher's Berlin Alexanderplatz

St Christopher's Berlin Alexanderplatz is a lively, modern hostel situated at the heart of Berlin, offering direct access to the city's iconic sights.

It's known for its energetic atmosphere, enhanced by an on-site bar and restaurant, and vibrant communal spaces. Ideal for travellers looking to experience Berlin's culture and nightlife, the hostel serves as a social hub for meeting fellow adventurers.

Dorm rooms are sleek and functional, with comfortable mattresses, personal lockers, and privacy curtains, crafted for a good night's sleep and a sense of personal space.

Every morning, a continental breakfast is served. All visitors receive a 25% discount on food at the onsite restaurants, as well as attractive drink discounts.

Dorm beds from €22

8. Amstel House Hostel

Amstel House Hostel

Amstel House Hostel, nestled in Berlin's Moabit district, offers a blend of historic charm and modern amenities.

Its welcoming atmosphere is perfect for backpacker seeking comfort and community, featuring a bar, game room, and spacious common areas.

Situated conveniently for exploring Berlin's sights, this hostel combines affordability with accessibility, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious visitors.

The dorm rooms are clean, spacious, and equipped with comfortable beds, individual lockers, and a friendly, inclusive vibe, ensuring a restful stay.

Dorm beds from €22

9. Generator Berlin Alexanderplatz

Generator Berlin Alexanderplatz

Generator Berlin Alexanderplatz stands as a beacon of cool in Berlin's vibrant heart, encapsulating a chic, contemporary vibe.

This hostel buzzes with energy, offering stylish communal spaces, an on-site bar, and café, ideal for social butterflies.

Its location is unbeatable for those eager to dive into Berlin's rich history and buzzing nightlife, providing a trendy, yet affordable base for explorers.

The dorm rooms are modern and sleek, with comfortable beds, privacy options, and personal lockers, designed for both rest and privacy.

Dorm beds from €22

10. Generator Berlin Mitte

Generator Berlin Mitte

Generator Berlin Mitte is a fusion of art, culture, and comfort, nestled in Berlin's historic Mitte district.

It's renowned for its vibrant, artistic atmosphere, featuring eclectic design, a lively bar, and creative communal spaces.

This hostel is a magnet for travellers drawn to Berlin's cultural richness, offering an immersive experience in the city's artistic and historical heritage.

The dorm rooms blend functionality with style, offering cosy beds, personal lockers, and a sleek, modern aesthetic, ensuring a comfortable and secure stay.

Dorm beds from €24

Final Thoughts on Cheap Hostels in Berlin

I hope my guide to the cheapest hostels in Berlin helps you pick a hostel that best suits your needs during your stay in Berlin.

In general, the overall standard of hostels in Berlin is excellent but there are still some bad and mediocre ones. Hopefully, this list will help you avoid bad and mediocre hostels to ensure you enjoy your stay in Berlin.

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