The 8 Best Hostels in Vilnius

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Vilnius, the vibrant capital of Lithuania, boasts some of the best hostels in Vilnius, making it an ideal destination for budget-conscious travellers. These hostels offer not only affordability but also prime locations close to the city's historical sites, cafes, and cultural hotspots. Each provides a unique environment tailored to the needs of various travellers, from solo adventurers to groups.

Vilnius is among the cheapest European cities due to its low cost of living and affordable accommodation options. Travelers can enjoy budget-friendly meals, transport, and attractions, making it an economical choice for tourists.

Quick Introduction to Hostels in Vilnius

Vilnius has some excellent hostels many of which are among the best hostels in Europe.

Here are some of the things you should consider before booking a hostel in Vilnius.

Price - In bed in a dorm room in a hostel in Vilnius starts at only €8 per night (normally in large dorm rooms), but expect to pay between €12 to €25 per night in a medium-sized dorm room (6 to 10 beds). As with all other major cities in Europe prices at the weekend or at holiday periods tend to be 20% to 60% higher.

Location - Vilnius is a mid-sized city but it is advisable to stay in a central area near the city's top attractions and nightlife. If you're staying in a local neighbourhood, make sure you're close to public transport.

Amenities/Services - Every hostel in Vilnius provides free Wi-Fi, and some even include breakfast in the price, but if you require more specialized services, do your research to select the hostel that best matches your requirements.

Staff - The majority of Vilnius hostels offer good staff. They are usually very friendly and will give you fantastic recommendations for restaurants, bars, and clubs, among other things. However, my advice is to study reviews to ensure that the hostel you select has friendly and helpful employees, as rude or unhelpful staff might ruin your hostel experience.

Best Hostels in Vilnius - Quick Answers

Here's a summary of the best hostels in Vilnius organized into different categories:

The Best Hostels in Vilnius

Here’s my comprehensive guide to the 8 best hostels in Vilnius:

1. Mikalo House

Mikalo House Common Area

Mikalo House is conveniently situated in the heart of Vilnius, making it a prime choice for travellers eager to explore the city. The hostel is just a short walk from local dining spots, vibrant nightlife, and historical sites. It has a modern, artistic vibe that appeals to young travellers and backpackers looking for a sociable atmosphere. The interior is creatively decorated with bright, cheerful colours and contemporary furnishings, offering a warm welcome to all who step inside.

Mikalo House Dorm Room

Mikalo House features a range of room options to cater to various preferences and budgets. Guests can choose from lively dormitory rooms, which are ideal for meeting fellow travellers, to private rooms for those seeking more solitude. Each room is clean, well-maintained, and designed with comfort in mind. The beds are cosy, and ample storage space is provided.

A quick overview of Mikalo House

  • Central location near major attractions
  • Vibrant communal lounge
  • Fully equipped guest kitchen
  • Organized social events

Dorm beds from €14, Private rooms from €34
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2. Jimmy Jumps Hostel

Jimmy Jumps House Hostel Bar

Jimmy Jumps Hostel is ideally located within walking distance of Vilnius' old town, surrounded by the city's rich history and vibrant culture. Known for its lively and fun atmosphere, this hostel is a favourite among young and energetic travellers looking to make new friends and explore the area. The decor is quirky and full of character, featuring local art and bright colours that add to its welcoming feel.

Jimmy Jumps House Hostel Dorm Room

The rooms at Jimmy Jumps Hostel are designed to offer comfort and convenience. From shared dormitories to private rooms, each option is clean and bright, providing a cheerful place to rest. The dorms are spacious, with secure lockers for personal belongings. Private rooms offer a quiet retreat after a busy day of sightseeing.

A quick overview of Jimmy Jumps Hostel

  • Prime location in the historic centre
  • Vibrant, social atmosphere
  • Free pancake breakfast
  • Communal kitchen facilities
  • Events and pub crawls organized by staff
  • Outdoor terrace for relaxation

Dorm beds from €14, Private rooms from €32
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3. Downtown Forest Hostel

Downtown Forest Hostel Common Area

Downtown Forest Hostel is situated on the edge of Vilnius’ central area, offering a unique blend of urban accessibility and serene, wooded surroundings. This hostel has a relaxed, nature-inspired vibe, making it perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat close to the city's bustling centre. Its rustic decor and use of natural materials create a cosy, home-like atmosphere that encourages guests to unwind and connect with fellow travellers.

Downtown Forest Hostel Dorm Room

Rooms at Downtown Forest Hostel vary from private accommodations to mixed and single-gender dormitories, catering to different needs and preferences. Each room is thoughtfully designed with wooden furnishings and soft lighting, providing a comfortable and tranquil space for guests. The dorms include secure lockers, while private rooms offer additional privacy and comfort.

A quick overview of Downtown Forest Hostel

  • Scenic location with city access
  • On-site bar and cafe
  • Private garden area
  • Bicycle rental available
  • Regularly scheduled social events

Dorm beds from €18, Private rooms from €39
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4. Pogo Hostel

Pogo Hostel Outside

Pogo Hostel is ideally situated right in the heart of Vilnius, directly overlooking the bustling Town Hall Square. This location is perfect for travellers eager to dive into the local culture and nightlife. The hostel boasts a youthful and dynamic atmosphere, appealing to backpackers and solo adventurers. Its interiors are bright and playful, featuring artistic decorations and vibrant colours that reflect the lively spirit of the city.

Pogo Hostel Dorm Room

The rooms at Pogo Hostel are designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. Guests can choose from various configurations, including spacious dorms and private rooms. Each space is clean, with contemporary furnishings and a friendly, welcoming feel. Dormitories are equipped with comfortable bunk beds and personal lockers, while private rooms provide a tranquil escape from the city's hustle.

A quick overview of Pogo Hostel

  • Prime central location with excellent views
  • Friendly, multilingual staff
  • Common room with games and books
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Laundry facilities available

Dorm beds from €16, Private rooms from €43
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5. Fortuna Hostel

Fortuna Hostel Common Area

Fortuna Hostel is located in a quiet residential area of Vilnius, offering a calm retreat from the city's bustling centre, yet still conveniently close to major attractions and public transport. The hostel provides a laid-back, friendly environment ideal for both long-term and short-term travellers. Its interiors are simple and functional, with a touch of homely comfort that makes guests feel welcomed and at ease.

Fortuna Hostel Dorm Room

Fortuna Hostel features a variety of room options to suit different needs, including mixed dormitories and private rooms. Each space is kept clean and tidy, with essential furnishings and a relaxed vibe. Dorms are equipped with sturdy beds and personal lockers, while private rooms offer a bit more solitude and space, perfect for those needing extra privacy.

A quick overview of Fortuna Hostel

  • Communal kitchen facilities
  • Outdoor seating area
  • Luggage storage service

Dorm beds from €13, Private rooms from €34
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6. BAR-celona Hostel

Bar-celona Vilnius Bar

BAR-celona Hostel is located in the vibrant heart of Vilnius, a short walk from the city's bustling nightlife, top dining spots, and cultural landmarks. The hostel's theme is inspired by the festive atmosphere of Barcelona, featuring lively decor and a fun, energetic vibe. It's a favourite among young travellers and party-goers looking for an exciting social environment. The interior is colourful and modern, with a bar-like setting that encourages guests to mingle and enjoy their stay.

Bar-celona Vilnius Dorm Room

The rooms at BAR-celona Hostel are vibrant and well-organized, offering a comfortable stay for its guests. Options range from shared dormitories to private rooms, catering to various group sizes and privacy needs. Each room maintains a clean aesthetic with functional furnishings and lively decorations, enhancing the overall festive atmosphere of the hostel.

A quick overview of BAR-celona Hostel

  • On-site bar and lounge area
  • Themed party nights
  • Central location near entertainment venues
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Secure luggage storage

Dorm beds from €18, Private rooms from €35
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7. Pacific Hostel

Pacific Hostel

Pacific Hostel is located close to both the city centre and the serene coastal areas of Vilnius, offering guests the best of both worlds. This hostel is perfect for those who appreciate a calm and relaxing atmosphere away from the city's hustle. Its theme revolves around oceanic and tropical elements, featuring cool blue tones and marine-inspired decor. It's an oasis for travellers seeking a peaceful retreat with a friendly, community feel.

The rooms at Pacific Hostel are airy and bright, reflecting its coastal theme. Guests can choose from private rooms or shared dormitories, all of which are spacious and equipped with comfortable bedding and adequate storage. The design focuses on creating a tranquil environment where guests can unwind and recharge.

A quick overview of Pacific Hostel

  • Close proximity to public transport
  • Themed decor with a tranquil vibe
  • Outdoor patio area
  • Communal kitchen and dining space
  • Bike rental available

Dorm beds from €14
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8. Centro Hostel

Centro Hostel

Centro Hostel is perfectly situated in the heart of Vilnius, making it an ideal spot for travellers who want to immerse themselves in the city’s dynamic culture and history. This hostel boasts a modern, minimalist design that appeals to those seeking a clean, straightforward place to stay. It offers a vibrant yet comfortable atmosphere, encouraging guests to relax and socialize in its many communal areas. The interior is bright and welcoming, with splashes of colour that add to its cheerful vibe.

Rooms at Centro Hostel are designed for simplicity and comfort. Each room maintains a sleek, functional decor with cosy beds and sufficient storage space. The space is optimized for rest and relaxation, providing a pleasant retreat after a day of exploring.

A quick overview of Centro Hostel

  • Prime central location
  • Modern, chic design
  • Variety of room types
  • Communal lounge with TV and games

Dorm beds from €17
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Final Thoughts on the Best Hostels in Vilnius

The best hostels in Vilnius combine affordability with comfort, ensuring that guests enjoy both value and convenience. With features ranging from communal kitchens to social lounges and free Wi-Fi, travellers can find all they need for a memorable stay.

Ultimately, choosing among the top hostels in Vilnius depends on what you want out of your visit. Whether it's making new friends at a bar-themed hostel or unwinding in a serene, forest-like setting, these accommodations promise an enriching and enjoyable experience in the heart of Lithuania.

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