The 10 Best Parks in Prague

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Prague is not only a treasure trove of historical monuments and architectural wonders but also home to many parks. Visiting a park in Prague is considered one of the best things to do in Prague for tourists.

Prague has more green space than any of the other major cities in Europe with over 22% of its total area being parks.

There 3 large parks and 100s of smaller parks dotted throughout the city. Some have well-manicured gardens and the large parks have at least one major beer garden. Some of them even have multiple beer gardens.

Having lived in Prague for many years, I have visited all the parks in this guide multiple times.

The Best Parks in Prague

Here's my comprehensive guide to the best parks in Prague:

1. Letná Park

Letna Park Prague

Letná Park is a lively spot where Prague's history and modernity blend seamlessly. Perched high above the city, it offers breathtaking views of the Vltava River and the city below.

It's a magnet for skateboarders, families, and anyone looking to enjoy a leisurely afternoon. With its iconic metronome, spacious meadows, and tree-lined paths, Letná is more than just a park; it's a community hub.

Letna is home to one of the best beer gardens in Prague. This beer garden is always bustling during the summer months, where locals and tourists can share a drink under the shade of ancient trees.

  • Size: 47 ha (116 acres)
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Letenské náměstí

2. Stromovka Park

Stromovka Park Prague

Stromovka Park is Prague's own slice of tranquillity, sprawling across vast acres of lush greenery. Once a royal hunting ground, it has transformed into the city's largest public park, where paths meander through ancient trees, alongside serene ponds and open spaces.

Whether you're looking to picnic under the sun, enjoy a leisurely stroll, or simply sit and watch the world go by, Stromovka offers a gentle escape from the city's hustle. It's a beloved green haven, offering a breath of fresh air to all who visit.

  • Size: 91.03 ha (225 acres)
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Výstaviště

3. Riegrovy Sady

Reigrovy Sady Prague

Riegrovy Sady is situated close to the centre of Prague. It's only a few tram stops away from Wenceslas Square. This vibrant park is known for its stunning city views, especially at sunset.

This hillside haven attracts a lively crowd with its spacious beer garden, open-air screenings, and sprawling lawns perfect for picnics or simply soaking up the sun. The park's gentle slopes offer a natural amphitheatre feeling, making it an ideal spot for friends to gather and enjoy the city's beauty.

  • Size: 11 ha (27 acres)
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Jiřího z Poděbrad (JZP)

4. Havlíčkovy sady

Havlickovy Sady Grotto
The beautiful Grotto at Havlíčkovy sady

Havlíček Park, also known as Grebovka, is a hidden gem that transports visitors to a different time and place. Inspired by Italian Renaissance gardens, this picturesque park in Prague is a delightful mix of vine-covered hills, ornate grottoes, and elegant pavilions.

It's a romantic escape within the city, offering winding paths, peaceful nooks, and charming vistas perfect for a leisurely day out. The main feature of this park is its beautiful grotto. Whether you're wandering through its vineyards, discovering its water features, or simply enjoying a moment of quiet under the shade of its trees, Havlíček Park is a serene oasis offering a slice of pastoral bliss in the urban landscape.

  • Size: 4.5 ha (11 acres)
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Krymska

5. Divoká Šárka

Divoká Šárka Prague

Divoká Šárka is a wild and rugged natural reserve on the outskirts of Prague in the direction of the airport. It feels like stepping into a storybook landscape. Named after a legendary warrior maiden, this park captivates with its steep cliffs, dense forests, and a tranquil stream that winds through the valley.

It's Ideal for adventurers and nature lovers. It offers a variety of trails for hiking and cycling, alongside spots for swimming in natural pools during the warmer months.

The scenery provides a stark contrast to the city's urban sprawl, making Divoká Šárka a favourite escape for locals seeking adventure or some peace and quiet.

  • Size: 25.4 ha (63 acres)
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Divoká Šárka

6. Petřín Hill Gardens

Petřín Hill Gardens
In the background is the replica of the Eiffel Tower on Petřín Hill

Petřín Hill Park, accessible by a charming funicular ride, is a tranquil oasis towering above Prague. It's a place where the city's panoramic vistas unfold beneath you, offering a quiet respite amidst lush gardens and orchards. At its heart stands the Petřín Lookout Tower, resembling a small Eiffel Tower, providing breathtaking views to those who ascend it.

The hill is also home to a mirror maze and a medieval-inspired wall, making it a place of fun and discovery. Whether it's for a leisurely stroll, a romantic moment, or simply to enjoy nature, Petřín Hill Park is a verdant escape that captivates everyone who visits.

  • Size: 2.5 ha (6.2 acres)
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Ujezd

7. Vyšehrad Park

Vyšehrad Park Prague

Vyšehrad Park is encased within ancient fortress walls atop a hill overlooking the Vltava River. This serene park offers not just panoramic views of Prague but a journey through time, with its paths winding past centuries-old ramparts, gates, and the haunting beauty of the Vyšehrad Cemetery.

Many famous deceased Czechs are buried in Vyšehrad Cemetery including Antonín Dvořák (composer) and Alphonse Mucha (painter).

Vyšehrad Park melds the past and present into a tranquil retreat, offering a unique perspective on Prague's rich heritage.

  • Size: N/A
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Vyšehrad

8. Wallenstein Palace and Gardens

Wallenstein Palace and Gardens Prague

Wallenstein Gardens, hidden behind the grandeur of the Senate building, is Prague's secret Baroque masterpiece. As you step into this secluded garden, you're transported to an era of elegance and meticulous design.

The gardens are a serene composition of perfectly manicured lawns, ornamental ponds, and statues that narrate tales of mythology. The presence of freely roaming peacocks adds a vibrant splash of colour and life to the tranquil setting.

This garden offers a peaceful retreat from the city's pace, inviting visitors to wander through its paths, admire the architectural finesse, and enjoy a moment of quiet contemplation amidst its historic beauty.

The grounds of the garden are open to the public from April to October.

  • Size: 1.7 ha (4.2 acres)
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Malostranská

9. Parukařka Park

Parukarka Park Prague

Parukařka Park is tucked away in the Žižkov district of Prague. This hilltop park combines natural beauty with an urban edge, featuring sprawling lawns, mature trees, and panoramic views of Prague.

It's a place where locals gather to enjoy outdoor concerts, impromptu picnics, and leisurely afternoons. The park's somewhat rugged terrain adds to its charm, offering a perfect backdrop for sunset viewings and casual get-togethers. Parukařka Park embodies the spirit of its bohemian neighbourhood: unpretentious, lively, and welcoming.

  • Size: N/A
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Biskupcova

10. Vítkov Park

Vitkov Hill Statue Prague

Vítkov Park, with its towering National Monument (of Jan Žižka), is a notable landmark perched on a hill that gives one of Prague's finest panoramic views. This expansive park blends historical reverence with natural beauty, providing a green oasis where paths weave through open meadows and shaded areas, ideal for jogging, walking, or simply pausing to soak in the views.

  • Size: 15 ha (37 acres)
  • Nearest tram/metro stop: Seifertova

Map of the Best Parks in Prague

Best Parks in Prague Map

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: First click on the map and it will open in a new window. Then click on any of the icons on the map to see the names of the parks I mention in this guide.


Each park, with its unique character and beauty, offers a serene retreat and a slice of nature's charm to residents and visitors alike. From the adventurous landscapes of Divoká Šárka to the peaceful ambience of Havlíček Park, these green spaces enrich the urban environment, offering places for relaxation, recreation, and reflection.

As you explore Prague, let the best parks in Prague show you the city's quieter side, proving that even in the midst of its vibrant streets, a peaceful retreat is always close by, ready to be your next favourite spot.

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