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Siem Reap, one of Best Digital Nomad Destinations in South East Asia

This was my sixth time to visit Cambodia but only my first time in Siem Reap and loved it. Having lived before in some very good digital nomad cities such as Prague (Czech Republic) Granada (Spain) and Chang Mai (Thailand), I know what makes a great digital nomad destination.

1. Cheap food and beer

Expect to pay $3 to $5 for a main course in and around the Pub Street area. Pub street appeared to be 2 different streets, well that was my impression. The cheapest food options are on Street No.9 and I thought the best options are on the alley in between Street No 8 and 9. There are of course the fast food chains of McDonald's and KFC. Siem Reap is now getting a reputation for a great and diverse nightlife scene. Pub Street says in all in the name, it just all bars and restaurants. On Pub street and the surrounding streets nearly all the bars and restaurants sell a local beer for only $0.50 (normally Cambodia or Angkor beer) and try to make their business on food.

nomadic mick restaurant menu prices siem reap cambodia

nomadic mick restaurant menu prices siem reap cambodia
The above are examples of menu prices in restaurants in the center

nomadic mick siem reap cambodia beer prices
Beer Prices on Pub Street

nomadic mick beatnik bar siem reap cambodia
That’s me at my favourite bar in Siem Reap, Beatnik Bar.

2. Visa

We entered Cambodia via the Hat Lek/Ko Kong Border crossing. A normal tourist visa costs $30 (30 days) but as I intended to stay longer I got the business visa which costs $35 (also 30 days but it's renewable). Don't forget you have to have 2 passport size photos. Then extending your visa is fairly easy if you want to stay longer the 30 days. Just go to a tourist agent and they will gladly do it for you. It's takes up to a week because your passport has to sent to Phnom Penh for processing. You can find more information about this here.

nomadic mick cambodian visa
Here what your Cambodian Visa will look like.

3. Inexpensive Accommodation

Personally I would settle for cheaper rooms with a fan, but as I travel with my wife and 3 year old boy so we have to have air conditioning (to keep the baby cool). You can get a double with a fan for as low as $10 per night. But expect to pay $20 to $40 per night for a decent hotel with air conditioning and a pool. This of course is fantastic value for money.

(A) La Rose Blanche Boutique Hotel

We managed to get this excellent hotel as a deal for only $20 per night on agoda (including breakfast which was served in the room). It normally goes for $40 plus per night. I can't recommend this hotel enough.

nomadic mick la rose blanche boutique hotel reap cambodia
The room at La Rose Blanche Boutique Hotel.

It has a beautiful swimming pool and you get a free tuk tuk to the center (you have pay for your way home). The customer service was absolutely excellent. The Wifi was very good as well. We would have stayed here longer but it was already fully booked.

nomadic mick la rose_blanche boutique hotel swimming pool reap cambodia
The swimming pool at La Rose Blanche Boutique Hotel

la rose blanche hotel speed test siem reap cambodia
Speed Test at La Rose Blanche Hotel

Costs: from $20 for a Double room with A/C


(B) Rosy Guesthouse

This was another excellent guesthouse that also focuses on a lot on customer service. Here we paid $22 per night but this did not include breakfast and it has no swimming pool. However the restaurant in the guesthouse has very good food and many good options for breakfast.

nomadic mick rosy guesthouse siem reap cambodia
The bedroom at Rosy Guesthouse

It’s only a 15 minute walk to Pub street in the center. The wifi in the room was Ok and the wifi in the restaurant was very good. They get a superb rating of 8.9/10 on Hostelworld.

nomadic mick rosy guesthouse common area siem reap cambodia
Common Area outside the room at Rosy Guesthouse

rosy guesthouse cafe siem reap cambodia
Speed Test at Rosy Guesthouse's Cafe

Costs: from $22 for a Double room with A/C


(C) Day Day Inn

Day Day Inn features an outdoor swimming pool. This is another excellent budget accommodation option with Double with A/C starting at only $13 per night. This Guesthouse has a very contemporary feel to it and Free WiFi is available in all rooms. It's perfect for Digital Nomads as it has a small Business Center in the Lobby.

day day inn siem reap
Double Room at Day Day Inn

The vibrant Pub Street area and Old Market  are 2.8 km away and Angkor Wat is 8 km away. The property offers airport transfers and shuttle services at additional charges.

day day inn siem reap
Business Center at Day Day Inn, ideal for working

All rooms are air-conditioned and are fitted with a flat-screen cable TV. Some rooms have a seating area.  En suite bathrooms include shower facilities, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

day day inn siem reap
Swimming Pool at Day Day Inn

Costs: from $13 for a Double room with A/C


(D) Schein Guesthouse

Schein Guesthouse & Restaurant is located in the heart of Siem Reap and extremely good budget accommodation with Twin room with fan only starting at only $10 per night. This Guesthouse gets a rating of 9.2 on Agoda which is amazing. It provides free WiFi access and offers free pick-up service from the airport, boat station or bus station.

schein guesthouse siem reap
Twin Room at Schein Guesthouse

Schein Guesthouse is 700 m from the Tourist Information Office, Pub Street, Night Market while Angkor Wat is a 15-minute tuk-tuk ride away.

Fitted with a fan or air conditioning and all rooms have a cable TV.

A 24-hour front desk, tour desk and luggage storage facilities are available. Room service also is provided.

The restaurant serves Cambodian and Western food, cold beers as well as free tea and coffee.

schein guesthouse siem reap
Common Area at Schein Guesthouse

Costs: from $10 for a Twin room with Fan & from $13 for a Double room with A/C


If you intend to stay longer there are many serviced apartments in Siem Reap. These start at $200 per month. For $300 you get a very nice apartment. These are some of the best resources:- The facebook page Siem Reap Real Estate was recommended to me. Here are 2 other good websites:- Angkor Wat Real Estate and Siem Reap Properties.

4. Coworking Spaces

There are 2 excellent coworking spaces located at either end of the city center. I spend a few days in both of them.

(A) Angkor Hub

Angkok Hub is only a 10 min walk from the center, and was difficult to find as it's off the street. You can work inside in the A/C or outside. They offer cheap lunch option if you are there all day and they cost only $5 per day. The wifi download speed was 14 mbs per second and the upload speed was 24 mbsp per second when I tested it.

nomadic mick angkor hub siem reap cambodia
Inside Angkor Hub

nomadic mick angkor hub board siem reap cambodia
Angkor Hub’s Price & info Board

angkorhub coworking seim reap cambodia
Speed test at Angkor Hub

(B) 1961

1961 coworking space is far more flash than Angkok Hub. 1961 is a vast complex that includes an Art Gallery. It's like a coworking space in Europe and costs $10 per day. The wifi download speed was 8 mbs per second and the upload speed was 9 mbsp per second when I tested it.

nomadic mick 1961 coworking siem reap cambodia
Entrance to 1961 Coworking space

nomadic mick 1961 coworking space siem reap cambodia
Inside 1961 coworking space & plan options

1961 coworking space siem reap cambodia
Speed test at 1961

5. Cafes

If you prefer to work from a cafe, there are a few good options in the center.

nomadic mick blue pumpkin cafe siem reap cambodia
Blue Pumpkin is a small chain of Cambodian Coffee shops in Cambodia. Their cafes are always very digital nomad friendly.

nomadic mick coffee town cafe siem reap cambodia
Coffee Town is another very good option

6. Transportation

The center of Siem Reap is very walkable and if you do need to get a 5 to 10 min tuk tuk ride, this only costs $2. Make sure to set the price before your journey. If you leave yourself vulnerable the tuk tuk driver will take advantage of this and try to charge you more. Also it is very popular to rent a bicycle. A lot of guesthouse offer the service. Rosy Guesthouse for instance charges $3 per day to rent a bicycle.

7. Angkor Wat

A visit to Siem Reap is not complete without at least one visit to the Angkor Wat Temples. Your hotel will arrange a tuk tuk to take you to the different Angkor Wat Temples. This normally costs $15 for the day and the entrance fee is $20. Don’t forget to bring water. At Angkor Wat it seems to be far hotter (and more arid) than Siem Reap. Don’t wear flip flops, if you have hiking shoes/boots wear them. If not wear trainers.

nomadic mick angkor wat cambodia
Bayan Temple in the Angkor Thom Complex at Angkor Wat.

*Travel Tip

Be sure to pick up a (free) copy of Siem Reap's pocket guide. You will find this in all bars,restaurants and hotels in Siem Reap. This lists all bars, restaurants and hotels in Siem Reap.

nomadic mick siem reappocket guide
Siem Reap’s Pocket Guide.

Last but not least don't forget to buy travel insurance. I always use World Nomads Insurance while in Asia. They have travel insurance packages to suit all kinds of traveler. It cost's approx €100/$120 per month and for this you will get very comprehensive cover. Simply fill out the search box below to get a free quote.

Disclaimer: I have included affiliate links in case any you want to book accommodation. I receive a small commission for any sales made, without any additional cost to you.

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