Cheap Hotels in Prague

cheap hotels in prague

Prague has some amazing budget hotel options, Check our list of Cheap Hotels in Prague. Get prices and detailed info right here.

The Ultimate Digital Nomad Guide to Prague

prague castle charles bridge

Why Prague is one of the best Digital Nomad Destinations in the world Prague truly is one the best cities in the world for Digital Nomads. I should know as I’ve been coming here for 19 years and have lived here 4 times. Prague was recently voted second in a list of “Best Digital Nomad … Read more

Camping in Carnac

stone alignments carnac france

Camping in Carnac, France This was our first time camping with our new tent and Carnac seemed perfect for this. Camping in Carnac was a great experience and we hope to come back every few years as there is so much to do and see. We choose the Les Bruyeres campsite. We had the  ACSI … Read more

Visiting Prague on a Budget

nomadic mick wenceslas sqaure prague

Prague and the Czech Republic really look after their children. There is an outdoor children’s play corner in every neighbourhood. There also many parks and one of the largest Zoos in Europe located Prague.