Digital Nomad Guide to Sihanoukville

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Digital Nomad Guide to Sihanoukville While Sihanoukville or (Snooky as it’s also known as) is not renowned as been a top Digital Nomad destination, it certainly has it’s advantages and it’s extremely cheap. Sihanoukville is a relatively youngest city in the south of Cambodia only 90 miles from the Thai border. Construction of it began … Read more

Bangkok on a Budget

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Bangkok on a Budget Cheap Food Bangkok has some the most diverse variety of restaurants in the world to cater to every budget. Here are 2 even cheaper options:- Street Food Street Food on Khaosan Road It also some of the best street food in the world. If you are staying on Khaosan Road then … Read more

Why Georgetown Penang felt inspiring?

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Why Georgetown Penang felt inspiring? Initial Impressions While my initial impressions of Georgetown Penang ¬†were bad, due to a few bad experiences, I was soon very much charmed by the place in general. (I travel with my wife and toddler.) We had a bad experience in the first hotel that we stayed in.¬† Luckily we … Read more