nomadic mick michael mc guinness
Parent, developer, designer & avid traveler.

My name is Michael McGuinness aka Nomadic Mick. Growing up in Ireland, I was never a big traveller. I didn’t take my first trip abroad until I was 20. After my final year of college, I travelled to Switzerland and with my limited French, I managed to get a job on a farm. Although I had to work very hard on the farm, sometimes working 14 hrs per day. I didn’t care as I got nearly every weekend off. On that trip I also travelled to Germany, France and Italy.

After that in 1999, my boss decided that he would give me a leave of absence from my job in Dublin. Having travelled to Prague in the Czech Republic the previous summer, I decided to move there as I had fallen in love with place (and the cheap beer). I got a job in a bar and I also taught English part-time. I stayed there for 9 months.

My next big trip was in 2002 when I travelled to Brazil. This was an eye opening experience as I was robbed at gun point in a bar and seeing how large the favelas in Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo really are.

In 2008 I moved back to Prague, where I first worked in a Call Center. In 2009 I met my future wife (a far more accomplished travel blogger (Nomad Tales is her blog.) and writer than me) also in Prague and I managed her bar til we decided to leave in September 2012 as she was pregnant.

In October 2012 I along with my pregnant wife traveled to Bangkok, Thailand. The highlight of this trip was the 10 days that we spend on Lonely Beach Koh Chang. We also traveled to Chiang Mai and we spend 3 adventurous weeks in Cambodia.

From October 2014 to April 2015, we lived in Asia again. We visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. We lived in Chiang Mai in Thailand for 2 months, because it is very well set up for digital nomads. I own a small Web Design Company and I am developing a small niche affiliate website, so Chiang Mai was the perfect place for me.

Altogether I have travelled to 32 countries on 4 different continents and I have lived and worked in 4 countries (Ireland, Switzerland, Czech Republic (twice) and Thailand).